Friday 27 May 2011

Sjögren's Syndrome 2011 Medical Meeting BSSA

Following the huge success of the 2010 meeting, What You Want To Know About Sjögren's Syndrome, the next meeting Sjögren's Today is being held in Birmingham, England on 5th November 2011. Tickets are not yet available but members will be contacted as soon as they are available please remember that last year the meeting sold out.  This year priority will go to BSSA members. There will also be a social evening on Friday 4th November, more information check out the BSSA website.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

International Sjogren's Research Symposium, Athens, Sep 28-Oct 1, 2011

The scientific research programme for the meeting in Athens, Greece is available for viewing!

Here are just some of the workshops and topics:

Workshop 1: Diagnostic Criteria of Sjögren's Syndrome
Workshop 2: Evaluation of Salivary Glands in Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: Basic Aspects of Immunopathology of Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: The Role of Sex Hormones in Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: Immunopathology
Session: The Role of B-Cells in Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: Basic and Clinical Aspects of Lymphoma Development in Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: Autoantibodies
Session: Sicca Manifestations in Other Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases
Session: Animal Models in Sjögren's Syndrome
Session: Update on Genetic Analyses in Sjögren’s Syndrome
Session: Basic and Physiologic Aspects of Salivary Glands Function
Session: Treatment of Sicca Manifestations
Session: Conventional and New Treatment for Systemic Disease